Why I’ll Never Have a Successful Blog


My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Puttree taught me the most valuable and enduring lesson of all my years of school. She said, “If you had fun you won.”

I put that lesson deep in my heart and I never lost again. But I had a lot of fun. Had to. Didn’t want to lose.

Shhh, Don’t Tell Anyone I’m Blogging Again


“You may now use a laptop computer,” the stewardess’s voice announces. But I don’t anymore—a crazy thing for a writer, but I’ve settled into a life without it since my neck went out two years ago. That changed everything. Pain is this brilliant teacher—unremitting, consistent, and unrelenting. “Pain is your best friend,” a monk told…

3 Lessons from 3 Years Freelance Writing


Two years ago, from a couch in Brooklyn, things seemed to be simultaneously going horribly awry and working out just splendidly. I was a year into the dream of supporting myself by freelance writing. I had just returned stateside from Kenya, where I covered their 2013 elections as a freelance journalist. But that trip, and…

Poem: Iceland

Waterfall in Iceland

Iceland   Sheep speckling green countryside Towns that only know their name The drone of draining Waterfalls stuttering a shutter Black sand dark like Ashen wool of rams Bred for wildness by Frostbitten fingers Lingering in towns that only Know their name Sunset hues at noon Subside at the season’s Undecided hour Colorful painters Do not…

Open Thanks to You Granpda

Christmas With Grandpa

1-2-2015 Grandpa, today from the Hill of the Cross the view of the volcano and Antigua is clear. An hour ago I learned that yesterday that you had gone. Images of you at every stage I’ve known you have been streaming through my recall. Since a half century ago you were given six months to…

A Conversation With Diana Stevan on Self-Publishing

Book cover image

Diana Stevan is a writer, actor, screenplay writer and author who has just self- published a romance-fueled adventure novel, A CRY FROM THE DEEP. Diana and I have been in touch since she did a review of my self-published 2012 book “How We Are Human” For anyone considering going the route of self-publishing a book, Diana…