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Work against Malnutrition in Guatemala
with Nuestros Ahijados, Featured on
ABC News 20/20 with Christiane Amanpour


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 iPoems For The Dolphins To Click Home About

“The whole thing is kinda absurd.

 But when my roommate and I started reading the titles in the Table of Contents, we couldn’t stop laughing. “Bathing Old People for Money: A Reluctant Memory.” “Why Shampoo Always Runs Out Before Conditioner: An Essay.” It took me awhile to figure out the Table of Contents don’t actually match up with the poems, but by that point, I was hooked anyway.

I like honesty. Honesty is good, and [iPoems] is full of it. My favorite might be his cheeky and apologetic poem “To the Fathers of the Daughters Who End Up in My Bedroom”… Click here to read full review

Available on Amazon. 


The Expeditioner’s Guide To The World

From Dr. Jessie Voigts’ Review On

“I opened it late at night, and have to admit that I read until 4am. Yes, it is ONE OF THOSE BOOKS.

The kind where you can’t stop reading, where you recommend it to everyone you know (like I am doing right now), and where in the morning, you re-read the bits that made you laugh late at night and they STILL make you laugh. Yes. ….Click here to read full review. 


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